Friday, October 22, 2010

You know what? Rent IS too damn high! Jimmy McMillan (J-Mac)

(photo via ny mag)

Thanks to my more informed, brainier roommate I was lucky enough to be exposed to one of the most amazing political figures I have ever laid eyes upon. I'm not quite sure if he could be considered a political figure quite yet, but my goodness he is SOMETHING. While on my daily mull over facebook's newsfeed, I stumbled across this article posted several times by many people from Gawker, brightening my day tremendously. Please take the time to watch the absurdity/hilarity that ensues after Jimmy McMillan is introduced in this debate for governor of NY.
He is certainly a character, with the most amazing facial hair I have ever seen, and he has a point: RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH. Not aw man, rent prices are a little annoying. Not eh, it could be cheaper. Not, well if I just buy four lokos instead of beer I could afford the apartment. It surpasses all of the above. RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH- ENOUGH SAID.
Although, after reviewing his party's website I noticed a few curious things. For instance, the auto-tuned music where Mr. McMillan is talking (what could also be characterized as rapping) about his political party- Flag 1. His merchandise- yes, he has merchandise. One might venture to say, the price of that pin is too damn high. He is also selling cds. Why the hell is he selling cds?! -Flag 2. Then, there's barely anything written in the numerous links on the top of the page. When you click on them there are only videos connected to the links or strange, incoherent ramblings about something or other- Flag 3. These videos, some of which include him driving around speaking about "vital" topics, and, my favorite, the endless amateurish-powerpoint-presentation-like ads with horrendous graphics and confusing rhetoric add to the theatrics of his persona. He's baffling and outlandish... in a good way? I have no idea.
I can't possibly take him seriously, though I truly want to believe he has the people's best interest at heart. I can't help but to inquire, what's in it for him? No doubt he's been riding this media boom and probably making bank off of those ridiculous t-shirts (yes, I bought one and I'm having it rush delivered- KIDDING) and seducing people to sing-a-long with him in his auto-tuned voice about the abominable state of rent prices, which leaves me wondering just how dedicated J-Mac would be to our fight to live. Not to mention his uncomfortably palpable assertion that "damn is the word of God." J-Mac even whips out passages from the Bible to argue his point. He was quite offended to find that the word is not used so um, freely when it comes to professional politics, unless, of course, you're Nixon.
Running for governor is not another way to launch your stardom, it's a serious office that can have a considerable affect on lives. A governor should have, at least, an iota of knowledge about how the government works. Ah, who am I kidding, it's all a popularity contest. There have been so many jokers running for assorted offices for as long as these positions were forged into practice. Who will ever forget when The Governator ran? I know I NEVER will.
As long as J-Mac doesn't steal all of my money, I guess I wouldn't mind throwing him into office for a few years to see whose plans/schemes he could possibly foil. Think about it. There are so many people in office that supposedly know what they're doing and systematically perform poorly. At least with J-Mac we know from the get-go that it's going to be a bumpy ride, and it's going to take all of us to get through the two years without the entire state burning to the ground. Maybe he'll bring out the humanity in city-dwelling New Yorkers we all know can't possibly exist... but maybe it does. Maybe he'll be that catalyst that turns cold, stubborn New Yorkers into lovable malleable hippies. Who knows? I do know one thing, no matter who wins for governor in New York this proclamation is infallible- RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH.

I'm out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Willow Smith.

Am I the only one a little weirded out by how young pop-stars are getting? This whole fascination with young people and the media has always been an uncomfortable, ongoing trend in our culture. Recently, though it has come to a head with the introduction of a tiny spitfire with the predilection to "whip her hair back and forth." Nine-year old Willow Smith has been getting a lot of attention from her fun, poppy song about feeling good and not caring about what "haters" have to say. Though, the song is extremely catchy, her entire persona leaves you wondering, what else can she possibly sing about at the tender age of 9. Also, who are these haters she's talking about and why exactly is she whipping her hair back and forth, it seems dangerous. All the whipping going on in the video makes it seem like the song is causing some sort of seizure plague. I know someone had to have gotten whiplash.
Being so young, it must be difficult to connect to an audience who's not concerned with who has the most silly bands or who caught the latest episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! I'm just trying to understand the logical trajectory of her career. She is going to have to wait a few years before she can belt out number one hits about love, love lost, crazy partying and growing up...I mean at least 13. Look at the Biebs, he's getting away with singing about love and how old is he? 15, right? Whatever. All I'm saying is she's going to have to get a few more years of life experience before she can join the ranks of other questionable, mind-numbing artists like Selena Gomez and The Jonas Brothers. Are they even her peers? Oh geez. Well, lucky her, if she decided to heed my advice and go on hiatus from her booming singing career she can start up acting like her brother, Jaden, though he probably won't like her interfering with his "shtick." I can only imagine the fighting that would ensue if Willow announced her desire to be an actress.
"Daaaaad, Willow won't stop stealing my roles in movies."
"I can't help it if casting directors like me better than you."
"You know, you're hair isn't even real in that music video."
"Oh yeah, well you're face isn't real." Willow sticks her tongue out at her irritated brother. Then, Will steps in, "You two need to stop fighting, your mother and I are trying to discuss how we can train your future baby brother or sister for Cirque."
Jaden and Willow look at each other, eyebrows raised in understanding and the argument ends. -and scene-
I'm extremely curious to see what will happen next with Willow Smith. I know I'm not the only one. Hmmmmm.....
I wonder if my 7-year old sister would be opposed to recording a song about how much she enjoys the park... we could make millions! Then again, my mother would probably disown me... unless I made it seem like it was her idea. INCEPTION.

You can see the actual video on her website. She's freaking adorable.

I'm out.

More About The Future

Ok. So, I'm still unsure of what will come out of this little project I want to start, but I do know I want it to involve me filming parts of my life and possibly interviewing people. There are a lot of technicalities I have to consider and I'm very unsure of how much or how little I want people to divulge on camera. All I need is a camera haha.

In other news, as is the inevitability of my highly complicated, traumatic life, my luck has been that of a small animal thrust in a shark tank. I feel like I'm being eaten alive. Although, as I've mentioned in a previous post I've succumbed to the reality that it is but a necessity in the universal order of things that I consistently get screwed over. Well, again, you're welcome.


I'm out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Future.

I find myself getting inspired at all hours of the night, succumbing to the mysterious energy of the "witching hour"... also I can never sleep because of my persistent insomnia O_o
I have decided at this very hour of 3:33 AM on October 12, 2010 that I am going to start working on an interdisciplinary project. Yes, a project. And no it's not for school- gasp. I know. I can barely believe it myself.
For far too long I have been wondering what it is I want out of life, entangling myself in massive amounts of stress and endless hours of hopeless thought. I have finally decided exactly what it is I want to write. Not only write- what it is I need to do right now in my life. Quite a few experiences have brought me to this conclusion, including some movies I've watched recently, and some conversations I've had with numerous people... about love, about life, all that good stuff. I will let you know exactly what this project entails once of course I've worked the details out. I feel good about this. I guess we'll see what happens...

I'm out.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm not going to write a conventional music post about how they are undeniably one of the most colossal bands that have perpetually created affective compositions in an industry that consistently promotes vapid, shallow music. I'm not going to write about how they've completely changed my view on the capabilities music possesses. I'm not going to write about the inexplicable feeling I get when I hear their music. I'm not going to write about how their music transcends tangible ideas and beliefs, customs and thoughts, religion and culture. I simply can't write about them because I plainly don't have the words. There's something about them, though that stirs something inside me that I forget exists and I just wanted to dedicate a post to them. I don't know where I'd be as a writer or even as a person without their music. Intense. I ♥ you, Radiohead.

I'm out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



It's despicable to know this country has the audacity to pride itself on "free speech" and the "American Dream," and refuses to acknowledge countless amounts of people who are constantly subjugated to senseless violence and flagrant ignorance that is not only tolerated but instilled in our very culture. The laws, the language, various "roles" people play in society. Everyday there is something someone says or does that makes me raise an eyebrow in surprise and disgust. There is no excuse for what's been happening around the country. This ever-growing umbrella of hatred that's spreading like a disease, encompassing everyone and everything in its path. It's not happening in a vacuum, there are thousands of people suffering from these ill-conceived notions. You know who's holding weapons of mass destruction? We are. This society. It's emotional warfare and the victims are innocent kids. There is this blanketed denial that is perpetuated throughout history, you know what I'm talking about. Our country's history is no secret, yet we are all taught in grade school to cherish a land founded on violence, prejudice, and blind hatred.
The recent events that have been occurring involving our young people are substantial, not only because they're finally being publicly documented, but because it is most definitely a reflection of our society. To feel so incredibly alone and disconnected, to feel you have no other option but to end your life is not something I would want anyone to feel, let alone a CHILD. There needs to be a change. A serious 180. There need to be more tender, gentler ears for young people to vent about their problems. There needs to be more ways of showing young people it's okay to love yourself even if there are dumbasses out there who project their self-hatred onto others. There is a huge need for this entire country to focus its energy away from sexuality and more towards acceptance. I will never understand why another person's sexual preference has such an affect on people. And I never EVER want to understand. It seems like a sick, twisted thought process that would leave me empty and diluted, keeping me up at night wondering "Why?"