Saturday, November 28, 2009


I was on the metro today on my way into DC just to gather some things from my friend's place and I witnessed a perspective changing event, which makes me feel mildly exploitative in that I was covertly relishing in someone else's experience, comparing it to my own and feeling that much more dynamic (and privileged?) being exposed to new, different ideas on humanity. Sign Language. Never have I thought of sign language in the way I should have, as an extremely complex culture that heavily accentuates the importance of expression through hands and body movements. Like any language, sign language formulates unique ideas, thoughts, opinions sometimes nobody can understand, but users of that language.
So these four guys got on the train and sat pretty close to me and immediately started signing. One guy was really animated, telling a story as his friends intently watched and interjected their thoughts occasionally. I felt like I was intruding on their conversation so I stopped sneaking glances at them and presumed pondering about life. Ah life. Ugh life. Yeah... life.
Then, I thought about the way people who speak take for granted the inflection in their voice, the way they change their tones and raise their voices, but then I thought what a horrible thing to think! These friends on the metro obviously had no trouble understanding each other using their own form of communication. There were distinctive ways in which they all signed that were unique to their own personality.

I hope I don't sound completely ignorant or offend anyone who uses sign language, I will never fully understand the complicated culture.

These are just my (incomprehensible) ramblings.

I'm out.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holy... J.Tillman

So, a lot has happened since the last time I updated. Geebus. A LOT. Okay. I'm officially moving to Brooklyn and must admit, I am quite terrified, but also pleased with myself. I had a plan and I executed it... bitch. Sorry, that was uncalled for.
Throughout the entire process I deflected the negativity and realized my dream. Ugh, that sentence sounds like it was pulled out of some shitty self-help book. Apologies. Last night, however, is the true reason I'm writing this evening.

J. Tillman at the 9:30 Club

DC has a thing for nines it seems. Anyway, the 9:30 Club is this awesome venue down the street from dc9. The performance space is a lot bigger than dc9's, but certainly not overwhelmingly, obnoxiously big. I must say though, the outside of the 9:30 club looks like a penitentiary. Inside was actually a really decent space. There's an upstairs with seating kind of like bleachers, which I thought was really nice for people who just want to sit down and enjoy the entertainment (boring people). When you first walk in there's this huge space and a nicely sized stage. There were bars on either side of the large room and a cute little window to order food from. I noticed there were little 9:30 club cupcakes behind the food counter and read a flier posted near the window that explained they pass them out at a certain time. Of course, we were too late to get cute 9:30 Club cupcakes. Lame.

Again I went to another show knowing nothing about an artist and wound up falling in love. J.Tillman from Fleet Foxes played last night and him and the band were amazing. He's a percussionist for Fleet Foxes and you could totally tell by the music he played. There was a lot of emphasis on bass and drums. He even played a gong that was sitting inconspicuously at his feet. When he played it he got on his knees and just hammered into it, but with precision. The gong in no way drowned out the sound of the instruments but blended in with the melody miraculously. There was a lot of unconventional use of instruments, which reminded me of experimental theatre pieces I've seen. As the show went on, J.Tillman played a few solo songs as the rest of the band took swigs of Jameson and bantered playfully (but quietly) amongst each other, showing a sweet camaraderie that makes bands that much more humane and likable. His solo performances were some of my favorite. His voice is soft and filled with emotion. The way he drags out notes and his lyrics! Oh my gosh, his lyrics. That's what I really loved about the show. I have to post some lines from one of my favorite songs he sung (yes, I have favorites already) called Crosswinds:

We'll find each other where we promised
Where the tied is low for man and spirits
I put aside the yearning of my voice when I was young
We'll find each other where we promised.

The song is incredible recorded, but performed live it was just mind-blowing.
The steel guitar is one of my favorite instruments to watch people in a band play and there was a steel guitarist in his band! He was so serious when he was playing, intently sliding and plucking. He made me smile.
In this particular song, the bassist and J. Tillman pulled out recorders, the drummer started banging on the rim of his drums, the guitarist played chords then slapped the strings to make unnerving, sharp sounds, and the steel guitarist played frantically, clapping periodically. It was so much fun to witness. You couldn't help but be overtaken by the music and their wild energy.
At the end of the show my friend Karen and I were determined to talk to the man himself.

And we did! He was super nice and even took pictures with us. Here's the one of him and me:

He told us while we were taking pictures that he looks scary in them. haha! No comment.
Recap: The performance was spectacular and he was really down to earth. Yet another great night at an awesome show. Here's "Master's House" performed at Popcirkus:

Incredible. Check him out!

PS- It took everything in me to refrain from referring to J.Tillman as JT.

PPS- His beard is awesome.

I'm out.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweden is exporting more than Volvos and Saabs these days...

Za Haus of Sveden- Sofia Talvik
(The House of Sweden)

A few weeks ago I trekked down to icky Georgetown from the comfort of my friend's place near Adams Morgan to go see a woman perform I knew nothing about in the basement of a very snazzy building. I hopped on the bus, not really knowing what to expect. As I walked up to the building I remembered I had been outside of it before, sitting on a bench across from its grand entrance, getting distracted by the ostentatious architecture and wondering who the hell designed such an extravagant building. Thanks to Wikipedia now I know, Gert WingÄrdh and Tomas Hansen. Awesome. I walked up to it and entered the lobby, a little intimidated by the large windows and high ceilings. The guard looked at me and smiled as I timidly asked where the concert was held. They directed me downstairs where I descended this beautifully crafted floating staircase down to a level where a miniature, very shallow indoor pond sat inconspicuously. I had to do a double take. I'm lucky I didn't fall in. EXAGGERATING. I think there was railing there haha, but you just don't expect to see something like that inside! Well, when you enter such a magical place anything goes I suppose.
Finally I made my way into the small room set up with tables where people sat leisurely drinking as they watched this woman perform. I came in late. What else is new. So I stood in the back, but had a very decent view because the room was so small. The first thing I thought when I saw her was, "Oh no. I almost forgot my aversion to female singers. I hope this doesn't suck." Sofia Talvik was phenomenal. Her voice was beautiful. It was only her and another guy with a guitar, but their sound was so strong. Not overpowering, but filled with emotion that swept over you like a serenely thoughtful wave, calming yet stirring. She uses repetition a lot and usually I feel like repetition's a cop out, but there are artists who have mastered the art and make it their own, Sofia is one of those artists. Her song Burning Fields which you can download for free at was actually one of my favorite songs. A bit depressing, but you know how I'm into that ish. I must say she does sound slightly better live, but I'm not disappointed by the sound at all. She was so endearing on stage, not an ounce of an ego, just so sweet. She kept encouraging pepole to stay and talk to her after her set. Her new album is called Jonestown, named after the horrible massacre. That song is also really beautiful in a painfully, heart wrenching way. You can hear that song on her website.
Everyone's always crying about getting new music, so check her out!

Sofia Talvik

I'm out.

Friday, November 6, 2009

NYC Trip and Other Things

My NY trip was so much more than I expected. I stayed with these wonderful people...

photo via stalkerbook

And had the most wonderful time!

Friday night was a Gender Bender party, which is an event hosted by some guy I forget the name of who treated me very rudely, by the way, for no apparent reason. Anyway, those two gentlemen above performed in two extremely entertaining skits. I don't have their performances from that night, but I have another one that is utterly amazing.

You may want to watch it on youtube b/c it's cut off here. STUPID BLOGSPOT.

Saturday night was just lots of running around to different parties trying to stay dry. I was complaining like a mofo because I was wearing high heels- I NEVER wear heels, what possessed me to wear them that night is beyond me. I wish I had pictures from the night... well Shane does. Hopefully he'll post them and/or send them to me.

The rest of the weekend was just lots of hanging out and seeing people I hadn't seen in months, which was fantastic.

Oh I did go to Papacitos which is suppose to be this really famous Mexican restaurant. Apparently anybody who's anybody knows about it. I never heard of it before. haha it was really good, though.

Oy it was my friend's birthday on Monday! Shout out to the Nishmeister! I owe her like a huge party. For cereal.

On a more serious note....

Since I made my decision to move I have been getting a lot of unwanted advice that is neither constructive or conducive to my plans. Instead, people are giving me drastic alternatives...
"Move back to Miami for a while"
"Wait for your mother to move to NY" (who knows when that will be)
"Substitute teach in Miami" (I'm just not good with kids... no offense kids and Miami is OUT OF THE QUESTION, ugh.)
And then my favorite is using scare tactics to dissuade me from moving. For some reason people seem to think I'm this oblivious, gullible novice at life who is destined to be taken advantage of at every turn. With all due respect, I can handle myself. I'm not claiming to be all-knowing, but I do have some common sense and a slight grasp on reality, enough not to get myself killed- I hope. So, with that said I would really appreciate it if people would stop being so negative and aid my cause with positive thoughts and serious help. Please.

Oh and another thing. Regrets. Now, I don't have many of them in my life because I think everything that happens is a learning experience and I love learning. However, I must say there are little things that I do regret saying or doing in certain circumstances that just bother me for months on end until finally I get too exhausted to keep criticizing myself and give up. I won't go into details because well, I'm too proud. Anyway, I just wanted to mention regrets because it irritates me when people say they don't have them.
"What's one thing you regret in your life?"
"Nothing. I don't have regrets."
-Instant liar. Don't trust anyone who says that. They're probably psychotic.

Alright, so I'm trying to get over this weird cold thing I contracted sometime this weekend. I'm coughing everywhere. EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. It's seriously not cool. I'm trying to go out tonight but don't want to be a walking bio-hazard. Maybe I'll wear one of those ridiculous masks all night. It will either be seen as mysteriously sexy or obnoxiously cautious and plain sad.

I shall leave you with this...


I'm gonna go make some tea or something...

I'm out.