Friday, July 30, 2010


It's Friday! Woo!

This week I am dubbing the week of Inception and Discovery.

I went to see Inception the other day and it was ridiculous to say the very least. There are still a lot of questions I need answered. I'll probably have to watch it again. No worries people, there will be no spoilage here.

Discovery: Things I Discovered this week:

-Devin Dugan's amazing ability to photograph things in a way I've never seen. He's amazing.
-How vastly different cultures can be and how incredible and beautiful differences are
-An amazing sandwich shop in the lower east side
-I am still capable of "liking liking" someone
-I have inevitably become a regular at Union Pool against my wishes
-My love for Toots and The Maytals
-Silence isn't always awkward, but can be very telling and enjoyable
-Four Loko, is in fact the most detestable substance known to man, but at least it's cheap
-Friends and laughter have an inexplicably wonderful affect on life

It's been a helluva week...

I'm out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Franklin Park and Washington

I have been going out to quite a few bars, but haven't been writing about them. SHAME ON ME. Today, however, I have decided to break that horribe habit of mine and review a bar I went to a few nights ago with a group of people for a birthday party.

First and foremost, this bar is in Crown Heights. I never venture below Broadway except for very special occasions (this was one of them), so I don't know too much about it. I realized I don't like not knowing the "geography" of areas I find myself in, so either I need to get myself better acquainted with places before I go or just not leave northern Brooklyn- EVER. Because I'm lazy and stuck in my ways I'm leaning towards the latter. Not because I don't care about other places in Brooklyn, but because I don't have time/energy/resources to explore BK properly- excuses, excuses. Of course I'm going to explore Brooklyn! Well, when I'm in the mood.

Anyway, I went to this bar from Williamsburg by CAR! I NEVER TAKE CARS. I CURSE CARS AND ALL THAT THEY STAND FOR, plus I'm broke as hell. It's just one of those luxuries I dream I could afford one day. Because of that insanely strange necessity to take a car to Franklin Park I already mildly disliked the bar. With that being said, we arrived and entered the front of the place which was a large out door sitting area toward the street so it was neither flattering nor comfortable. After getting (not-so expensive, which was nice) drinks we stood around trying to find a place to sit. Unfortunately, the dance space was closed so we were stuck to our own devices and forced to entertain each other though we all knew we "just wanna dance." We found a bench which was really nice and sat around and talked for a bit. It's nice to go out with a group sometimes and just exchange funny stories and get to know acquaintances better. After looking around the bar once again, realizing there was really nothing there we couldn't do in Williamsburg, we took a car back - I don't wanna talk about it haha- and wound up at Royal Oak. I have a love/hate relationship with that bar considering 80% of the time I'm questioning why/how I got there and when I could leave. Luckily, because I was with such awesome people it was a goooood time. We danced and drank and merriment was had.

In a nutshell, I will not be going back to Franklin Park anytime soon unless maybe it's for one of those open mics or something, because I'm a sucker for open mics. Also, I was thinking it really just could've been an off night, because I've heard so many great things about the bar. Here are a few pluses:
It was a mixed crowd
The drinks were cheap
People were friendly

Eh, maybe I'll give it another chance... someday.

Oh and before I go here's a little treat/something random for you. A throwback for some. I freaking love this song...

I'm out.

Friday, July 16, 2010

BK Love

So remember I said I didn't want to talk about dating in my blog? I lied. I lied straight to your face without batting an eye. I'm sorry.

Against everything that I hold true and dear I recently made an OkCupid profile in hopes of meeting new people, not necessarily my knight in shining armor, but maybe a hipster on a fixed gear- I'm kidding. Seriously though, I had no idea what I was getting myself into as I mindlessly jotted down my interests and racked my brain for (not so) obscure musical artists and books to make me sound hip and cool.

My first day on it I discovered a slew of unhappy guys who are tired of vapid, shallow women who apparently carry-on conversations solely about handbags and shoes. I wasn't sure if I should be offended or laugh at their chauvinism, but then I thought, hm girls like this do exist. They come in Urban all the time, laughing hysterically about guys they date and asking their friends if "this shirt makes me look fat." However, I cannot fully sympathize with these gentlemen for the sheer fact that they should be old enough to discern what kind of woman would better suit them. They're not 12 year old boys, seeing girls for the first time and going after the first one to sustain eye contact with them for over 3 seconds- or maybe they are and that's their problem. This one guy's profile was completely full of an instructional guide for woman looking for the "right guy." He explained that every girl on OkCupid had the same profile and suggested ways to jazz it up. Although it was well written and I don't think it was suppose to be offensive or malicious, there was an underlying patronizing tone that I did not appreciate.

Anyway, back to me.

I joined almost a week ago and have been changing my profile like my life depends on it. Fixing a sentence here, adding snark there, trying to encapsulate myself in words without sounding like a raving lunatic or an obnoxious douche-bag. It's really a lot harder than you think. No, wait. I think we all know how hard it is to write a profile. Ugh. Finally, I have stopped changing it. It's all a gamble I'm beginning to realize.

In other news...

I think I got a promotion at Urbs so I'm happy about that. Still meeting exciting new people, super happy about THAT. Summer rocks.

Umbrellas provided by Dallas BBQ. Pic taken by Z Dubbs. Fun was had. Oh and this is after Travis cut Brandon's rat tail... it was an event to remember.


I'm out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Madness

July 4th represents a lot of different things to numerous people who hold vastly diverse views on this country. Our day of independence did not mean much for a population of people living in this country at the time, but it did give way to the many freedoms we all enjoy today as American citizens. Yesterday (july 4th) I was with a few friends discussing the disparities in our government and relishing in our freedom to be able to hold these views without fear of punishment. It was an interesting conversation filled with ambivalence and sincerity. I, like many others, have a love/hate relationship with this wonderfully complicated country.
However, this is not why I am updating. I am updating to tell you about the awkward bbq I attended with a group of complete strangers.
So my friend and I were invited to this bbq without knowing but one person. It was a weird crowd of people because they were all paired off (the people who lived there and knew the guys who lived there) and didn't seem to be receptive to meeting new people, but my friend's friends were super cool and it was nice kind of getting to know them. So we were in Brooklyn, and these guys totally had that frat boy thing going on, which I am by no means against! It was just odd seeing it in the middle of Williamsburg. Eh, maybe not... Anywho, at first, I sat in the corner with my two friends wondering how the hell I get myself into these situations and later on after some liquid courage, I decided to bite the bullet and make the effort the hosts' refused to by walking over to the kiddie pool (yes there was a kiddie pool) and sticking my feet in with them and just started talking. It turns out the dudes were really cool and pretty funny. But then they began talking about sports at some point and I completely blanked out. The funniest part of our interaction, though, was when two of the guys girlfriends came over and sat on their boyfriends' laps. It was a warning sign for me I suppose. They didn't even join the conversation, they just spoke to each other. A united front against the enemy/vixen- yes, I just called myself a vixen. Cool it, I'm being sarcastic haha. Lock your boyfriends away ladies, I'm on the prowl. I chuckled to myself at the ridiculousness of the situation. Shortly after, my friends and I decided to leave. After we left we had a lot of fun and watched the fireworks on one of my friends' roofs. It was a goooooood time (as aforementioned).
I really do like meeting new people so even at the awkward bbq I had fun. Although, I feel like I've spent an obscene amount of money on going out and need to find other activities that don't delve into my pockets and make my money disappear. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything! THAT'S FREE. Hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend!

photo from

Also, I want to take this opportunity to shout out my g-ma who's bday lands on the day of independence! Happy Birthday Eva, though you'll never see this =/ haha

One more thing! I need to buy Independence Day. That movie is so dang goooooood. Love me some Will and Jeff.

I'm out.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Athom Cafe and "Nobody Likes You When You're 23"

What's my age again? What's my age again.
I will refrain from posting the entire Blink-182 song for a number of reasons, first and foremost my dignity. But my birthday was Monday and I am in fact 23!
So, a LOT has happened since my last rant and instead of updating you with all the bo-ring details of my life (sarcasm- I've been having obscene amounts of fun) right now I'm going to review an amazing cafe that my roommate and I (mostly him- I think he might be addicted, an intervention may be necessary) frequent quite often- ATHOM. It's a small cafe in Brooklyn on Broadway between DeKalb and Malcolm X. It's a tiny hole in the wall much like the bar across the street from it, Good By Blue Monday. Athom sells delicious, fresh croissants, pastries, cakes and pies. They serve up scrumptious sandwiches with real ingredients. My favorite sandwich is the brie, avocado, tomato, smoked salmon sandwich, which I'm not kidding you, I may kill someone for. It comes on this wheat roll that is crispy on the outside, and moist on the inside. The way the brie just melts right into the crevices of the bread with the salmon laying on top and the fresh tomato and avocado melding together in a perfect union of flavor. DELICIOUS. I just had one and now I want another. The guy that owns it, Jerome, is also the nicest guy ever. Though he struggles a bit with the language he manages to always have a smile on his face and pleasantly greet customers. I love that place I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you like good food- GO THERE. Plus, it's fairly inexpensive. My favorite sandwich is the most expensive at $8.50 but if you eat at the cafe it comes with salad! Yumm-o.

So back to my bday. I had a party on Saturday night because I knew for the next few days I was going to be preoccupied with familial obligations. It was a gooood time. I finally went to Tandem and LOVED it. Most of my friends came out and it was one of the most fun nights I've had in Brooklyn. I've been meeting a lot of really amazing people and everything's been so freaking fantastic, I'm almost scared how happy I've been. Although, I've learned to embrace the goodness of life without worrying about the possible downfall. Phew. It's good to feel good haha.

I don't notice any differences in my ripe old age. All I feel is this impending-doom-feeling and a necessity to be successful NOW. TIME IS RUNNING OUT. AND YES THAT WAS A MUSE REFERENCE.

Too bad it's not "music monday" this would've been the perfect post.

And it's short and sweet.

I will try to update more often, but considering I STILL don't have internet, I'm not making any promises. Ugh, I want internetttttt!!!!

Oh and thanks neighbors, for not having a freaking password on your internet. Let's see how long this will last...

I'm out.