Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obsession pt 2

Music that has recently become more meaningful to me due to certain events and such.

Directed by Eric Wareheim. Edited by Ben Berman. Produced by Clark Reinking.

Saw MGMT perform this song live and felt the most inexplicable euphoria.

After hearing this song on the Adult Swim game, Robot Unicorn Attack, I was instantly hooked. Thanks, Dan Garzi.

I like the Yeasayer stuff played at Urban, but when I heard their first album- SOLD. Love it. As a wise man once said, "It's more organic than their newer stuff." I totally dig it.

I mean, I freaking love Passion Pit. Possibly my favorite band right now.
And here's a link to a sweet, soft rendition of that fist pumper performed by Michael Angelakos

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, home is wherever I'm hearing you.
I remember hearing this song at urban and then discovering one of my friends put it on a mix she made for me, thanks Laura Lo!

And finally this amazing video for Hot Chip, which is irritatingly unable to be embedded, but here's the link!


I ♥ music.

I'm out.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

MGMT Secret Show and oh yeah, my life

Wow, I haven't updated in a while. Isn't that so predictable to start a blog post with after not writing for a while? Whatever, I do what I want. ha. So, it's been a crazy few weeks filled with many ups and downs, mostly ups seeing as my new perspective on life has allowed me to graciously embrace more of the positive and disregard the negative- yay! Anywho, there are so many awesome things that have been happening in my life, but the most noteworthy/guaranteed to induce incredible amounts of jealousy would be my truly amazing experience at Mercury Lounge where I saw freaking MGMT perform!!! Mercury Lounge is this small venue in the LES that showcases lots of talented bands who wind up being pretty famous years later. MGMT actually performed there before they exploded into the sweet, sweet rhythmic sensation.

So, my roommate's brother bought these tickets online under the guise of some crazy band called like fish leopard or something. I don't remember. Before the show, the group of us were standing around a little anxious about who we would be seeing perform. The crowd was very diverse, of course there were a few hipsters sprinkled in the midst, but there were also people in suits, and girls in crazy heels. It was interesting. The lights dimmed and the stage was quiet. A man came from the crowd up to the mic standing on the stage and asked the crowd if they were excited to see MGMT perform, we all cheered in unison. He then told us to get ready for a treat and proceeded to introduce to us the WORST ventriloquist I have ever seen. He was supposedly on Conan and did some other notable shows, but he was horrendous! It was the most collectively awkward experience of my life. The entire crowd seemed to be shifting in discomfort while mr. ventriloquist waxed on about random incidents, not bothering to hide his moving mouth. It almost seemed like they took some random guy off the street, gave him a dummy, and threw him onstage. After that nonsense was finally over, which felt like HOURS, MGMT came on and played. They were AMAZING, however, yet another potentially fantastic musical experience was botched by the crowd's lack of energy. How could you not dance to "Electric Feel" or "Time to Pretend?!" HOW?! I was dancing of course, but it was so strange. I had a great time though hearing them play live and falling in love with them all over again. I even got to say hey to the bassist! He was really nice. My roommate, her friend, and her brother and I went to some bar afterward called The Local 269, where we befriended the bartender who was super nice and gave us a free round. The bar played some amazing music, too. It was a really relaxed atmosphere, which seems to be hard to find in the city. Also, the card minimum was only $10 and the drinks were cheap! Unheard of!

Whew. This is a long post. Apologies.
Life has been excellent, lots of great things happening. I'm meeting lots of really cool people and falling deeper in love with Brooklyn everyday.

I will try to be more consistent with my blog! I want to be a writer, but you wouldn't know it by the embarrassing gaps of time between entries. Meh.

I'm out.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pinisi and Punks

Since moving to Brooklyn, I have not gone out nearly enough to Manhattan to discover gems of note- until recently. With my friend Nish, much adventuring was underway earlier this week. We walked around the city for hours- HOURS, and were pleasantly surprised by many different shops and such we stumbled (not literally) into. One place in particular that had a really great vibe was Pinisi Bakery that has a few locations around the city. We had some delicious cupcakes there after eating dollar pizza- health schmealth, and were very satisfied. The bakery is adorable and has couches in the back along with a bookshelf with many different titles- you can even learn Russian! The feel is reminiscent of an artist's living room, devoid of that sterile, conventional, corporate callousness of starbucks. There's original artwork on the walls and they painted the florescent lighting panels with pretty primary colors. Also, the guys working there were very friendly.
Before that we went to a small book store on 1st with a great women's studies and political theory section. Of course, I have forgotten the name of the bookstore, but when I'm not feeling completely and utterly lazy I'll look it up and post its whereabouts/website.
So, remember my aversion to the lower east side? I'm kind of over it. I had an awesome time hanging out down there so I have since changed my staunch stance (hehe) on it. Though it is filled with insensitive idiots, there is a really cool scene there as a whole. Maybe cool's not the word for it- um, interesting. Yes, there's a fascinating collective of people/ideas in the lower east side- a conflicting mass of bigotry and "liberalism." We (my friend and I) experienced this amorphous, confused reality when we were at a bar dancing around like fools. It was interesting seeing who would approach us, who stared at us in amusement and terror, and who avoided us. There was one guy in particular that was wasted and probably on numerous drugs who felt the need to tell us, "If you can't dance to rock music, then you can't dance. You have to be able to dance to every type of music." Mind you this was after the DJ (who was shitty that night) was playing bands like Empire of the Sun, Passion Pit, and even some hardcore- but mostly he played horrible 80s music that was not made to be played at a dance party. Anyway, he said this and we stared at him in disbelief, realizing he was drunk and an idiot. He then proceeded to ask us how to dance like "black people," when a hip-hop song came on. This guy was a true asshole, completely oblivious to the ignorance pouring out of his mouth. It's annoying to be in a situation like that because you really are powerless. This guy was intoxicated so no amount of reason was going to permeate that thick skull of his, we were just trying to ignore his insults and continue our fun. Luckily, as the universe would have it, he was an awful dancer and had been flailing around the dance floor like a madman, bruising himself in the process and without aid showed his ugly insides through his grotesque dancing style-buffoon. I don't like to judge people when they're dancing, but when they admit ignorance willfully I let myself go. It's funny because he swore he was lord of the dance.
It's so frustrating running into people who are so small-minded. I've been around such amazing people, I forget those foolish people exist. It was depressing. I'm over it though, there's no way I'm letting one person make me lose hope in humanity (I almost did that night haha).

I'm out.