Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I was seriously contemplating dedicating an entire entry to the recent events in which my purse was greedily, excuse me, psychotically ripped away from my tender possession. Wow. It sounds like I was mugged. I wasn't. It was taken out of my friend's apartment. It's a long story (which is why I was gonna blog about it ha). This is an experience I swear I have about every 6-8 months. Something terrible MUST happen to me within that time frame or else the world will end- no, really, I'm convinced my perpetual misfortune is what keeps this earth spinning peacefully on its axis. YOU'RE WELCOME.
I typed in "earth off axis" for google images and this came up
-compliments of momontherocks.com
I will refrain from writing about "the unfortunate event" as I do not want to -ahem- "blow up anyone's spot." But to the guy who felt the need to take things that didn't belong to him: F--- YOU. Yes, F--- YOU. I usually never use such colorful language in my blog, but your actions stir up emotions within me that cannot possibly be contained. Also, I hope something unimaginably terrible happens to you. A permanent splinter between your toes perhaps, or many tiny paper cuts between your fingers and on your FACE! I would describe more horrible, graphic scenarios, but just in case karma does exist I don't want to get too crazy and get hit by a car or something- OH WAIT.
I am posting at this abominable hour because I have been thinking about how much I have been neglecting my dream of becoming an astoundingly brilliant woman writer like Mary Higgins Clark or Nora Roberts. I hope you caught that seething sarcasm (and that awesome alliteration). Seriously though, I feel like my old roommate was right. He had a great point about "getting lost in the city" and would always tell me, don't let the thrill of the city get in the way of your dream. GAH!!! I HAVE. I swore to myself that after I moved here from NoVA I would honestly look for writing jobs or for something involving creativity and intellectual stimulation, but I haven't. Instead I have been wrapped up in, well, other things. Things that aren't necessarily bad, but not conducive to what it is I came here to do. I came here to write, and though I love blogging I never meant for this to be the primary platform for my writing. It's been a realization I have been slowly, shamefully coming to for quite some time. Though, recently I have been writing more, like I promised myself I would, I have not been trying to continue growing as a writer/person. No museums, no galleries, no shows, no NOTHING, at least, I haven't been to any for a while. I mean I went to a really nice restaurant during Restaurant Week which was amazing, but that's only because one of my friends asked me to go with her! I was suppose to go to a show I REALLY WANTED TO GO TO on Sunday (FREAKING CHROMEO) but due to extenuating circumstances that was out of the question. I haven't gone off on my own to do anything fun... BOOOOOO BAD, CHRIS! Sigh.
This is the most self-centered post EVER. Apologies. I know people are itching for me to post an entire entry about my problems and hear all about meeeeeee BLAH BLAH BLAH... I think I'm done.
I mean, I can't be the only person who feels this way! I JUST CAN'T BE!!
Sigh. I'm feeling so disgustingly emo haha. Alright. I should probably go to bed...

Don't walk the plank like I did
You will be dispensed with
When you've become inconvenient

I'm out.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Girls

Again I have to write about my weekend because I left out a few VERY IMPORTANT details. One, Thorgy Thor and two, Jade. Thorgy has really been expanding her repertoire and has been performing like a fiend these last few weeks all around Brooklyn. Wherever she goes she has a huge following of friends and fans who are astounded by her performances time and time again. It's so exciting to go to her show, having no idea what she'll perform and wondering how the hell these ideas manifested. Her orginiality and stage presence without fail will put a smile on your face.
I'm so excited for Jade because she seems to be spreading her wings beyond the bounds of Westchester and joining a bigger scene that's more fitting to her personality. People are already enamored by her and her ability to keep the audience captivated with every step she takes.

This past weekend I saw Thorgy Thor and Jade perform a few times at two different places- Bar 4 and Sugarland. They know how to put on a SHOW. Once I get clips from Thorgy Thor's solo performance I will most definitely put it up, but for now you'll have to enjoy this encore performance he did Sat. night at Bar 4 with Oscar (another starlet):

And here's Jade! Also at bar 4

Thorgy Thor and JADE

They'll both be performing the second Sunday of September at Sugarland! Save the date!


Yeah, I pulled THAT out. So early 2000s, right?! ha

I'm out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To Regret Or Not To Regret? That Is The Question.

I've learned over the years that regrets are as useful as a credit card in a bodega. Soooo I regret nothing. However, I do wonder what the hell goes through my head sometimes when I find myself in wildly inappropriate situations. Then, I succumb to the idea of fate and escape any blame for my actions. haha that's terrible. I've actually never done that, but it sounds like a good idea. hmmmm... Anyway, the week just started and so far so good. I had an excellent weekend with some even more excellent people and learned some things about myself in the process. Yay! Self-discovery can be fun... orrr grossly depressing. My discovery? I am a lover of honesty and forwardness. That's pretty self-explanatory, yes? Gooooood. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't like to be involved in cloudy, misguided events that lead to confusion and ultimately a nauseating realization.
So as not to fall completely into a downtrodden abyss, hating all of humanity and its stupidity, I am going to do some more- gasp- reading and -gasp- writing. I realize I haven't done that for me in a while. The writing, not the reading.
I'm reading a book by Sartre right now called, funnily enough, Nausea, and I think I picked it up at the perfect time in my life. I mean, I was suppose to read it in college... buuuuut.... anyway. Sigh. I didn't okay?! I didn't read it! I dunno how I passed that class, with a B no less! But I did (pats self on back). haha

So this week I will not be going out at all, but staying in my dark room staring at the bright screen of my computer. The light washing over my morose expression as I jot down my ambivalent feelings about life, pressing my memory for words I have been suppressing, avidly digging around my subconscious for serenity. My fingers moving across the keyboard with a fury that is reminiscent of the feelings violently swirling around in my head, without reason or direction. Crying intermittently, tears seeping into my computer, where mechanics meet organics. Ignoring concerned inquiries from friends and family wondering where I've been for days, I will continue to create a shadow of myself through words that only I can see and understand...

I'm actually going to the PIT tomorrow with a bunch of people to see Oscar perform. I can't imagine locking myself in a room like that. I'm no Emily Dickinson (on a variety of levels- she is gawd), I like people. But I will make time to write for myself more often this week, just not at the expense of my sanity. Sometimes though, it is nice to just be alone, relish in solitude. I have absolutely NOTHING against that. There have been times I have found myself cradling my computer rocking back and forth cursing the mercilessness of the world. I mean who hasn't?  Right... right... right...right...

Oh boy.

I'm out.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brooklyn I love you but you're bringing me down- nah not really.

Eeeeek! I have no idea what to write about but really want to update. Isn't that weird? Don't answer that.


Let's talk about the amount of noise that emanates from the streets into my window and the constant complaints I get from friends and family when I'm on the phone and have to pause because a train is riding past my window.

I live on a pretty busy street and the people in my neighborhood don't feel inhibited by courtesy or early morning hours. No, the people in my neighborhood relish in their ability to scream at the top of their lungs and play loud music at all hours, truly exercising individual freedoms, regardless of when and where. My neighborhood defies the boring suburbian lifestyle and laughs in the face of "quiet hours" and curfews. More than a few times I have seen 14-year-olds walking the streets after I get out of work at oh 2 in the morning- ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. I've also seen mothers totting around their toddlers at the same hour. The poor kids are usually falling asleep, heads bobbing every which way, wondering why the hell their in a stroller and not in bed.
I love my neighborhood, though. Everything about it, including the obnoxious guys who stand on the corner and yell the N-word every 5 seconds, the ice cream truck guy who sits outside of my window at 9 in the morning blasting the most irritating renditions of children songs, even the train that runs outside my window every 15 minutes. I love it all. Brooklyn is the bees knees.

Yes, I live that close to the tracks. It's actually quite quaint. In a chaotic, wildly noisy way.

(not so) Random musing: I need to have a house warming party soon...

Also! Devin and I are going to be collaborating on a whole new blog! I'm super excited about it. CAN'T WAIT.

I'm out.