Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011: It's Gonna Be Wild

Due to the influx of hours being put in at the-place-that-will-not-be-named I have been unable to sit down, devoid of exhaustion and frustration to just write. Hence, I have not written in over two weeks which is appalling to say the least.
Life has been throwing me some hard balls recently (I'll pause for laughter). With the impending new year, though, I have decided that rather than wallow in self-pity and curse the universe for taking a personal vendetta against me in the name of some unspeakable necessity making my life a comedic-tragedy, I am going to power through it. 2010 was a year of growth, a year of surprises and downfalls, triumphs and questions. It was the year I made some amazing friends and lost some crazy ones- The year I truly began to understand what it was to be an adult and flee full speed away from its morbid, depressing implications- The year I began to discover myself (in a non sexual way... perverts)- The year of new experiences and the end of wistful beginnings- The year of clarity and absurd disillusionment. All in all, as are the years before and will be the years coming, 2010 has offered yet another modicum of knowledge and has brought me that much closer to inevitable death. Let's be real people. Every year that ball drops is another year chipped off of your lifeline. Oh, plus 2012 is like right around the corner. I'm just a bundle of sunshine today, aren't I?!
Anyway, I'm excited for the amazing possibilities in store for 2011 (plus, I get to wear these awesome sequined shorts, all in the name of the new year). Next year is going to be amazing. I can feel it. Can you feel it?

I'm out.


Some fun facts about 2011...

-The United Nations has dubbed it as International Year of Forests.... hm, although with the current climate change may have to be changed to The Year of The Ever Encroaching Inevitable Wasteland If We Don't Start Really Loving The Three Rs... although, that may be a bit long. Maybe just Year of The Wasteland would suffice. It has a Cummings ring to it I enjoy. And it's also the Year of Chemistry... hm, maybe change that to The Year of The Science We Need In Order To Survive The Year of The Wasteland... that has a lovely apocalyptic overtone.

-Estonia is finally going to adopt the Euro, those stubborn bastards (I know nothing about this, please consider my insurmountable ignorance on the topic of foreign currency... or any currency really), note my current predicament: broke college graduate. I have joined the ranks of the cliched story of old. Sigh. I should've been a lawyer.

-Men's World Ice Hockey Championships will be held in Slovakia... and no one will care.

-The hottest, most eligible bachelor will be roped into a stifling, endless relationship with some chick (Prince William is getting married to some floozy)

-The International Olympic Committee will decide where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held. And, again, no one will care except for the poor (eeysh,probably literally), freezing country it will be held in. They will quickly realize that housing a whole bunch of crazy athletes probably wasn't the best idea. They eat a lot. They're demanding. They probably drink a lot. Wait. Who are they? Me?

-And most importantly, in 2011 I will quite possibly turn on the heat in my apartment and not freeze to near-death every night.

For more fun facts about the upcoming year visit this site where you can also see fantastic photos of Jimmy Wales. I swear there's a new picture of him everyday. It's unnerving.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Not literally. I mean, that's just blind hostility. I'm dedicating a post to this new Cee Lo song because it's incredible. Every once in a while the mainstream will be blindsided by ridiculous talent and forced to realize the ever-deteriorating state of the music industry and its notoriously awful superstars. Every time Cee Lo comes out with something it's refreshing and just so darned good. This song in particular has me stupidly singing along and wanting to listen to it over and over again despite my aversion to listening to songs on repeat... it kinda drives me nuts. With this upbeat tempo and catchy, not to mention controversial, lyrics Cee Lo has once again blown my mind and relieved me of the insurmountable stress that has been accumulating in the past few weeks. Thank you, Cee Lo. Music is such a wonderful thing... when it's done right.

SO GOOD. Karaoke anyone?!

This is also exciting.

Ugh. sigh.

image from

I need this album!
I don't think I've been excited about an album in a while...

I'm out.