Monday, May 24, 2010

The Hunt is STILL on

Brandon and I are undergoing an interminable search for apartments in Brooklyn. For weeks, before he came up here, I had been anxiously viewing apartment after apartment, sweating bullets due to stress and the consistently fluctuating temperature. Yesterday we found a place that both of us loved and are hoping to hear back today if we can move in as soon as Wednesday! I'm really hoping we get this place, I really think at this point we deserve it. After all the unbelievably strange hardships and let downs, getting this apartment will have negated it all. I wish I had more to say. This last week has been quite draining both mentally and physically. When I have more energy I shall hit you with a sweet sweet post. Wish us luck in finding an apartment!


I'm out.

alabaster salamaster?

kilgore trout

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Monday, May 17, 2010

You're Outttttt!!!

I really like that feeling you get before you go out with a group of people you genuinely enjoy. It's a buzz that's mixed with excitement and enthusiasm for what will happen. It's such a positive energy. If it could be bottled I'd imagine it would be called something corny like "Electric shock in a can" or "Beez Buzz in your head." Anyway, this weekend has been pretty relaxed. Nothing too crazy going on, which is nice. I got to know one of my really good friends even better, and it was nice just sitting around talking. We are thinking of making a blog together and forming a book club because it's surprisingly hard to have an intellectual conversation about what your reading on a whim. In college it's easy to express subversive thoughts, but now it just seems convoluted and awkward to attempt a conversation of too much substance in social situations. I haven't had a genuinely serious exchange of ideas in a really long time and it's not because my friends don't have these interesting thoughts or no desire to share them, but when is it appropriate to have these conversations? I know when I just wanna kick it I'm not looking for my friends to start talking about universal disorder and the completely diluted, infuriating state of society. Sigh. Anyway, I'm posting super quickly before I go out to Vandam so sorry if this is all over the place. I needed to update. It was a necessity.

I'm out.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Here are some awesome/absurd things that I have discovered this week...

I actually discovered this last year, but have recently been eyeballing it. It's my friend Emma's photography website that is just plain kick ass...

Sick Pics

Here are a pair of shoes sold at Urban Outfitters for a whopping... wait for it...

$58!!!! whaaaaat?!

I find myself getting addicted to things such as the cheesy bean and rice burrito from Taco Bell

Image from restaurant news. yummo.
Now, I have a new obsession. The cinnamon coffee cake from Starbuck's. I swear these places are putting some kind of drug in their food... I had two of these a few days ago and felt nothing but shame afterward... alright and sheer joy.

Image from which is a really cool blog btw!

 I've also been craving Trader Joe's cheese tortellini.

Can you tell I'm super hungry and absolutely love food?

Oh and here's another absurd thing. This crazy picture I took of my self that looks like I'm anxiously awaiting the apocalypse knowing I will be safe wrapped in my covers.


Alright. I need to do some food shopping. I promised Zach I'd cook dinner for him. He deserves it for being SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC (he is included in the list of awesome/absurd things... obviously he's awesome).

One more absurd thing.


I'm out.

Been reading The Fountainhead, feeling selfish, er independent... ask me things...

Will Train A arrive before Train B? And if so, on which platform?

Train C passed both A and B, miraculously arriving on 586879 platforms simultaneously, defying space, time and this question. Train C is where it's at. I wanna be more like train C.

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What did the cat drag in?

Your mom... no, no i keed. It's a cat, that's silly and impossible. Probably some sort of rodent, maybe something more unpleasant like bad karma or lady gaga.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

You're Hired!

I shall get back to you about my hip hop research as I have yet to conduct it due to well... extenuating circumstances such as trying to find a new apartment/job, etc. I wanted to update because I want to share with you yet another aspect of society that completely baffles me- the interviewing process. In retrospect I suppose it makes sense. It's a way of figuring out whether a candidate is going to fit into your company or not, based on carefully constructed questions that- okay, now I'm lying. Some of these questions asked are seriously a form of psychological torture. Racking your brain for what seems like an eternity to answer the simple question, "Why do you want this job?" is proof enough of this ongoing conspiracy. You can never answer too honestly in an interview or you won't be considered. There are certain things these recruiters want to hear from you and I suppose it's a way of testing your will. How willing are you to do so much research on the company and the person interviewing you to mold your answers exactly to their liking without sounding like an automated system or a complete psycho? Very willing? You're hired.  Inquiring about, "What kind of animal would you be and why?" makes my head spin. Excuse me? How is this going to help you understand whether or not I know how to make copies, file, or mail something?! I know it's also to make sure companies don't hire unstable introverts, or lazy, careless people, but you have to agree, some of the questions are a bit awkward.

I'm going to list some of the most horrendous question (and my favorite non-question*) below with some answers that would be sure to get you a spot in the morning cooler conversation the next day. Probably not a job, though.
Before I continue I just want to post this disclaimer:
At least I know what NOT to say, right? But seriously, if you are a potential employer, this is all in jest. I promise I'm not insane. And I don't candy flip, nor am I a drunk. Cheers.
Without further adieu:

What is your greatest weakness?
Chocolate. If there were secrets your company wanted me to keep, and a rival company offered me a Tobleron, well, say goodbye to those secrets. I also have an extremely short attention span. Board meetings lasting over 15 minutes would be hard for me to sit through... unless, of course, there's some Justin Bieber playing behind the presentation or some bright lights flashing- ohhh a disco ball!

What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?
One time I had to decide whether or not to go to this amazing rave or finish my research paper in order to graduate. After going over a list of pro's and con's of attending this party and potentially not graduating I decided to party. You only live once right? It was fine though, because after I got back from the party I finished the paper. Yeah, I was still a little buzzed from candy flipping, but I was proud of myself for getting the work done, though you really couldn't understand the last part. It was kind of all over the place. So if there was a decision between partying and work, I'd always choose the party. I guess that's not too difficult.

Do you take work home with you?
If by "work", you mean "coworkers", then all the time. I'm joking! I'm joking (whispers and winks) kind of. But no I would never do that. I hate working at home.

What has been the greatest disappointment in your life?
Had to be when Sandra Bullock won that Oscar. It was like- "Really?! C'mon."

Tell me about yourself. *
I'm 22, and when I graduated I had such high expectations of the "real world," but was quickly disheartened by the amount of stupidity in positions of power. I love horror movies and drinking. I have to have a shot before work or I won't make it through the morning. I haven't missed a happy hour since August '09. People sometimes piss me off to a point where I'm compelled to physically hurt them. I think once I was arrested 5 times in one week for assault. Proudest week of my life. I enjoy long walks on the beach, with a forty of course, throwing sand on happy couples, and cheering for the fighting ones. I love calling out of work last minute and hearing the next day how they had to scramble to get someone to cover for me. If it weren't for money I would never work. Oh and Charles Manson is my role-model.

If the people who know you were asked why you should be hired, what would they say?
There would never be a dull moment in your office. She loves waging psychological warfare in the workplace.


I'm out.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hip Hop is not whack... foo'

I have been trying to expand my musical inclinations to extend beyond the current Indie trend of bands like Hot Chip, Yeasayer, MGMT, Grizzly Bear, etc. Realizing that my hip hop knowledge is embarrassingly limited, I have decided to search for more artists besides Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Nas. I haven't begun just as yet so I won't be name dropping any new mcs until after my research is over. However, the real reason I'm writing today is to talk about this ongoing trend of people who don't like rap music, calling it crap. I remember in middle school I fancied myself an avid "rock and roller," and along with my peers, felt it necessary to say "rap is crap." Looking back now, it was only childhood naivety. I have since overcome my hasty judgment of rap music. Nowadays, though when people my age take such a passionate stance against rap music, purely on a nonsensical bases, stating that none of the songs make sense and sound "bad," I get really irritated. For instance, I googled "rap music" and this image came up
The image is from I think we all know who the true idiots are ^ ahem^.

When I talk about certain artists, I'm more likely to call their music hip hop and not rap because of the varying connotations of each word. Alright, here's where it gets a little fuzzy. In my mind rap is more beat based, not focusing too much on lyrical ingenuity, but music you can get down to. Hip hop is more intellectual, explicating problems of daily life, with more of an experimental element to it. Here are some examples: Rap to me sounds like Cash Money Millionaires, Nelly, Ghostface Killah, etc. Hip Hop sounds like Jay-Z, Pharrell, The Roots, Jurassic 5, etc. I can be totally wrong, but these are my interpretations of the words and of course there are exceptions, but that's my general comprehension. Rap music has gotten a bad rep, considering its sordid history with unapologetic sexism, homophobia, and in some cases predilection for violence. It is what it is. I used to get upset with certain rappers for talking about women in such a foul, despicable context, but I can't let some stranger singing about stupidity get under my skin. Although, I understand the arguments about young people listening to the music and being influenced by what they hear, I always consider "What about their parents?" Music is entertainment, and if parents are upset by what their kids are listening to or nervous about them developing unsavory mentalities then they should talk to them about it. Get more involved. People love to blame outside forces for their own imprudence.  Musicians are entertainers, not role models but people get them confused, which causes lots of problems.
 photo taken from
I totally pulled this picture out of context from an article asking if rap music had a negative impact on young people. Oddly enough, the question was posed by someone named Chris. Most of the comments are really vapid. Here's the link if you wanna check it out.
Maybe I'll get into country music too... Nah. I do like some country music though! I'm not saying all of it is horrible, though a majority of what I hear I am not a fan of, but no longer will I say, "I like all genres of music, except country," because that's just like grouping every rapper/hip hop artists together without rhyme or reason and making an uninformed, blanketed judgment- not cool. So begins my quest... my journey if you will, into the depths of underground hip hop. If you don't hear from me in 48 hours... it's because my mind's been blown and I'm immobilized by the music. Ha... we'll see about that.

I'm out.