Sunday, January 31, 2010

El mundo es un lugar cruel

I get one semi-cryptic post a month- here it is:

The world is a cruel place.

I'm out.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jonte and Cherie Lily @ Santos Party House

Santos Party House

I think I'm in love. The place just oozes with fun. On all the walls, encircling the dance floor are speakers. Hanging intimidatingly from the ceiling, enticing sounds bursting out of them reverberating off the walls, into you. It was almost impossible to stay still in there, yet people did just that. Most of the crowd seemed like a slow moving lump of boredom. Entreating people to dance, Andrew WK blasted faster, bass-filled tunes, yelling every so often about partying hard because we were in NYC. You know how Andrew loves to party. However, the crowd was not having it. People were not as into the music as would be expected, but it was still fun to just be there and be entranced by the lights and music. There were a few people there trying to break out and party hard like in the song, but they were looked at strangely by others so there intensity decreased and they were reduced to emotionless drones. I'm exaggerating, but you get my point.
There was an mc who was a a guy in a costume- a suit with a huge yellow balloon for a head, was just walking up and down this strip that was laid out in front of the stage like a catwalk, rapping and/or yelling random things into the microphone. Because of the way the costume was constructed, the guy's actual face was in the middle of the suit, so it was really bizarre seeing him lift the microphone to his chest to speak. Freaky.There were also a few guys dressed like secret service agents hovering around him the entire time. Needless to say, I was completely and utterly confused by what was going on. Then abruptly, the balloon head popped and the secret service agents rolled up the catwalk and nothing was mentioned. I thought maybe I dreamed it.

Cherie Lily

I came in late (it's becoming a frightening trend) so I only saw one other performer besides Jonte, Cherie Lily, who at first I was skeptical of- probably because I was still recovering from the balloon man, but then she won my heart. She was really fun! Her adorable American Apparel work-out outfit didn't hurt. Her music reminded me of vogueing music: very fast, with few, easily memorable lyrics so the audience can sing along. She had this one song called "Get Sweaty," where she basically yells about getting wet and sweaty. It was fabulous. Here's a horrible quality youtube video of her performance of it from another night...

I love when her and the dancers go crazy at the end!

Need I say more? He was incredible! He and his dancers came out wearing these intricate black jumpsuits fit with a monitor on the crouch. When they came out the monitors had beating hearts on them, then when he performed another song there was a loop of him yelling into the camera, so it was like their crouches were yelling at the audience. Jonte is a performer in every meaning of the word. His stage presence is undeniable. His choreography is crisp and together- all the time! I love when he perfomed "Bitch You Betta" because the entire place was filled with such great energy and everyone knew the lyrics. Unfortunately, during his set he realized his headset mike wasn't working so he had to pick up a hand-held and dance with it, but he didn't flinch at all. He knew exactly what to do, like a true performer, he improvised and solved the issue.
It was an amazing show. I didn't even mean to go last night, it was totally spur of the moment. Oh what a pleasant surprise.
Here's a picture I got with the beautiful quality of the iPhone-ugh.

And here's my all time favorite video of his...

I may be slightly biased because my friend Jade taught me the dance.

I'm out.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out of focus

I've been racking my brain for days trying to figure out what I want my blog to be- an indescribable mass of words and wit, or a simply constructed page of easily digestible rhetoric. So far I have been leaning towards the latter for no other particular reason except I haven't felt like writing anything too heavy in fear of 1: coming off as an asshole 2: judgment 3: ridicule 4: imposing, inevitable self-loathing criticism as a result of my incapability to be completely honest. This blog, I have come to the conclusion (yes, just now), will be whatever I want it to be. I shall allow it to mold and grow into it's own entity and not worry too much about not having a focus. Focus is overrated anyway.

I'm out.

Nintendo Nostalgia

Again, I found myself coming to another mortifying hipster realization, but that's besides the point. The important thing to note here is the regular nintendo I have in my possession. It may be the most valuable item I own. There have been many a day/night plastered in front of the TV, yelling at the screen in feeble hopes of beating an impossible level (i.e. Fester's Quest- still have no idea how to beat that game). This nintendo has been with me through my best and worst times, a true friend.
Over the years I have acquired quite a few games for it. I haven't played the nintendo in a while so I have been slowly but surely getting the games to work again.

Most of them have been showing signs of life, but there are a few that need a little coaxing (yes, that means you Cobra Triangle and Top Gun). I have hope, and this sweet technique my cousin taught me of simply jiggling the cartridges around while the game is in the Did anyone else find that last sentence a little...dirty? Anywho, everything is coming along and I'm excited to have people over to play ancient video games! wooo!

I gotta get back to playing! I'm currently plowing through mario bros 3. The froggy and the bear suit is boss.

Oh and speaking of Mario, there's this sick video circulating around. If you enjoy Queen and Mario (otherwise known as the power combo), this video is for you...

I'm out.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

From Party to Puppets

I threw my first party at my apartment last night and it was really fun. It's interesting observing people in a party setting. Over the years I've frequently seen the beauty (tragedy) of socialization and the harrowing reality that people are uncomfortable in their own sobriety. It's fascinating how people feel more inclined to be outgoing if there is alcohol in their system- I'm not talking about observations from last night. Needing that liquid courage says a lot about our society, but I will not get into that right now. I will say, the conversations that ensued at the party after a few drinks were ones normally you wouldn't have with strangers, but that alcohol makes you bold haha. Anyway, the party was a success and I am happy people had fun!

Today the apartment looked like a hurricane hit it, and I was going to take a picture before I cleaned it up, but I forgot =/ womp womp. No worries! There will be more parties in which I can record the disastrous aftermath.

Today was a lazy day. I finally watched Meet the Feebles, a wonderful film by the sickeningly creative Peter Jackson about the goings on behind a live show. The best part- PUPPETS. The entire cast consists of these amazingly constructed puppets that are polar opposites of the pastel-colored, child-like Sesame Street puppets. These puppets are raw and unapologetic for their grotesque actions and crazy lifestyles.

Peter Jackson is a man of many talents. I wonder if while he was making this movie he even fathomed the possibility he'd be directing the epic LOTR trilogy. He's my hero. Have I written about how obsessed I am with LOTR?! No? Well, it's pretty sick- no, not cool sick, more like maybe I should go seek some counseling sick haha. I've re-watched them- well, a lot of times. They're just so easy to get sucked into. You know I'm right!!

I'm out.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I was walking over to my friend's house when it hit me all at once. I looked like an effing hipster. The scarf. The headphones. The fanny pack... oh that fanny pack- I don't care I love it. Ha and while I was walking I found that record on the street courtesy of Elegante Records. I picked it up to smash with my roommate later (note: I still have it, completely intact 1/26/2010). We've heard records make a wonderful crashing sound and since this record I picked up looked like someone had already taken a bite out of it, there was no use for it, but to hear it's glorious percussion. Anyway, when I got to my friend's house I asked him to take a picture of me...

How crazayyy.
I think I'm in denial...

Alright. I gotta go get ready! Geebus!

I'm out.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Subsequent events are proving to be worse than the accident. Sitting for 5 hours (!!!) in a waiting room, only to see the doctor for a few minutes is just plain stupid. I went to Bellevue today for a follow-up appointment at the Trauma clinic. And I don't mean to be rude, but I swear every person I interacted with who worked at the hospital was new, or frankly, had no idea wtf they were doing.

I was sent to get this ridiculous, cheap-looking red card for what I HAVE NO IDEA, but it had my address on it and the address was wrong. Looking to quickly remedy the situation, I tell the person behind the counter. "I'll take care of this right away. Just sit over there and wait for your name to be called," he says. Awesome, I thought. That was pretty simple, right? WRONG. I waited for over an hour only to find out from another person behind the counter my name wasn't even in the queue. WHAT. She told me I shouldn't have to wait for more than 10 minutes for a card, and if I did there was a problem. Well, thanks for that nowww lady. so she fixed my card and it printed out like 5 minutes later. FML. I then had to go BACK upstairs to wait for my name to be called (it was called while I was downstairs, so I was bumped to the bottom of the list). After waiting for another 45 minutes, I went to see the doctor who basically looked at my injuries only to conclude I needed some ibuprofen. WOW. So she tells me she wants to see me in couple of weeks and sends me BACK to the waiting room. After waiting for oh, THREE HOURS, after pestering the shit out of the woman at the front desk who was also, (dare i say it?) YES- INCOMPETENT, I was told by SOMEONE ELSE I didn't need to come back. I ALMOST FAINTED. Honestly, I think I was suppose to make that appointment, but there was no way I was waiting any longer in that loony bin.
Lesson learned today: Wherever these bumbling IDIOTS went to school was either nonexistent OR made of gum drops and meth.
I can't express how frustrated I was by the lack of knowledge so many of them had and without apology!!! AHHHHHH!!!

If I have to go through that again, I just may go ahead and overdose on IBUPROFEN. It was comical being there, waiting to see what foolish character I would deal with next. Although, I must say the doctor and her assistant were awesome. And many hot doctors frequented the clinic, which I didn't hate, but all of that was not worth the trauma I sustained while waiting. WAITING-CONSTANTLY WAITING. NY, you need to get your health system together, it makes me sick. Oh, that goes for you too other 49 states.

I'm out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010



Last weekend had to be the most surreal experience of my 22 years on this sweet sweet earth. On my way to meet up with friends I was hit by a taxi and rushed to the emergency room. I have no recollection of the event and have no desire to remember my body coming into contact with a three ton vehicle. For some reason people thing that's odd. I think they're odd.

As a result of this near tragic event my family has become even more terrified of my independence and (ir)responsibility. It was a mistake, a lapse in judgment. I don't blame them for being anxious, but it's hard enough going through this traumatic experience without your family judging you. Eh, I'll live. I mean... I'm living. oh geez. That's another thing. I'm uncomfortably calm about what happened to me. I didn't see any flashing lights or experience euphoria. There were no strokes of genius or life-changing ideas that sprung into my head while I was in the hospital. I just had the overwhelming desire to be outside in the clean cool air and away from the sick, decrepit stench of that hospital room. I am so lucky to be alive, there is no denying that, but I don't value life any more than I did before the accident. I have been in love with life for a while now, and continue to love life.

I felt I should write about the accident, but I'm kind of embarrassed by my lack of life-changing exuberance.

I'm alive.

I am ecstatic to be alive.

I love my life and everyone in it. I really do!

I'm out.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Obsession part 1: Who needs Avatar when I have 80s movies at my fingertips?!

I think I'm going to start a series miraculously called, Obsession. This series will include things that I can't get enough of at the moment. And to start of this wonderful new listing I have chosen 80s movies! Woo!

I have been in an eighties kick this past week on account of all of my free time has been consumed with watching eighties movies my roommate has on vhs. I think watching them on VHS makes them that much better, the static-y picture and inability to skip directly to the movie with a click of a button. So you're sitting there watching all of these ridiculous movie trailers some of which you've never heard of and, after seeing their trailers, know why. Here are some clips from some of my favorite 80s movies that I have painstakingly found on youtube for your viewing pleasure. No need to thank me. ha

Teen Witch (1989). What a sick rap, and the movie is so much fun! What teenager wouldn't want crazy awesome powers to make themselves popular, rrright?! haha

Pretty in Pink (1986). I always thought this scene was the steamiest in the movie. I had such a huge crush on Jon Cryer after watching this movie.

Hiding Out. Speaking of Jon Cryer, here he is again! What a dream boat haha

The River's Edge (1986). This movie isn't as happy-go-lucky as the others. It's so freaking good. I also had a crush on Crispin Glover (I was a weird kid).

Nightmare On Elm Street 2 (1985). By far, my favorite Kreuger movie for obvious reasons if you've seen it. There is this amazing scene where Jesse (the main character) dances around his room. Another scene at an s&m bar, which is just amazing, and finally this scene which i think is hilarious! I definitely recommend this for a movie night (I totally watched it for mine!)

That's the end of my list! I hope you enjoyed the clips! The movies are even better- promise!

I'm out.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inhale and Exhale

I haven't written any poetry on this blog and I think I'm feeling now is the time to let loose some versification

Inhale and exhale
Out tired memories that stifle the future
And violently caress significant progress
With rough fingertips and painful intentions.
Positive orbs of glowing amiability,
Covert happiness;
Exhale the putrid cowardice,
The haughty, selfish waste
That has overtaken your senses
Leaving you in disoriented disbelief.
Inhale fortitude and disambiguated virtue,
Good fortune and compassion
Exhale violent thoughts of revenge and paranoid mistrust,
Exhale the embittered litany of capricious excuses
That so completely cripple your mind.
Exhale inconsequential mistakes that have been festering
Forming cankerous melancholy within your being
Exhale until your lungs are remiss and cry for life
Exhale until your eyes begin to water and your body starts to tremble
Exhale until the world grows darker
Exhale until you can exhale no more and you are utterly depleted
Exhale until you begin to drift out of consciousness and there is no light
Then inhale.
Inhale all that you have yet to experience
Inhale all the wonder and excitement waiting for you
Inhale all the opportunities anxiously materializing
Inhale all the infinite possibility and unadulterated happiness
Inhale all of life until you feel you are going to burst
Inhale and exhale to live.

I'm out.