Friday, April 30, 2010

Union Pool

After hearing about it for months now, I finally ventured over to Union Pool last week to see what all the hubub was about. Oh yeah, and it was my friend's birthday haha.
In this unimpressive looking building so close to the BQE you could smell burnt rubber and gasoline stands this small entrance to a massive bar/venue. I went inside not expecting much. Actually, I went inside expecting there to be nothing but pool tables, because well, I'm an idiot and took the name literally. Luckily, I was not expecting swimming pools, then I probably would need a head check. Thinking it would be like any other tiny hole in the wall bar in Brooklyn- I stepped inside and was almost immediately ceased with a panic attack. It's actually quite large and has an extensive patio area. I went in and ordered a drink for my birthday bud and me at the bar. The bartender was super nice and explained what they specials were. $6 for a beer and a shot, standard at most places. Not too bad. We then took our drinks and wondered outside where we remained most of the night. It's so nice to be in the fresh night air when you're with friends and soon-to-be friends. Everyone there seemed to be very open to sparking up conversation with anyone who dared start one. It was a really nice environment, very relaxed, not judgmental like some places in Brooklyn.  Though, that may be because of obvious influences haha.  Also, I've heard that the bar tenders like to buy rounds for guys, which I think is fantastic! One of my friends didn't have to pay for their drinks because it was "too busy." It's great that they spin that whole gendered delusion for a change. Guys deserve free drinks too! Some girl I used to talk to was upset by this gesture- I'm gonna stop there, because that is opening a can of worms. I can use an entire post to explain everything wrong with that irritating presumption. Anyway, I met some really fun people that night and even saw- get this MIKE MYERS. Yes, Mike Myers also decided to hang out at Union Pool on a Thursday night. CRAZAYYY!!
Image from (if you haven't noticed)
Later that night I wound up at Papcitos where I got the most delicious burrito and also saw KENLEY COLLINS from Project Runway Season 5 hosting karaoke (photo from What a random night haha.
I had a lot of fun, minus some minor details, but everything turned out for the best. I'm one lucky ducky.

I'm out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the Hunt

Alright. It's been a week and a half of ceaseless craigslisting and endless phone calling and I think if I see one more apartment my head might explode. Going through craigslist is almost like going into Forever 21, clothing strewn everywhere, an overwhelmingly diverse amount of clothing with no apparent organization, some clothing better quality than others. Am I really equating looking for an apartment with being in a clothing store? Yes. Yes, I am. I mean, some of those pictures on craigslist are definitely done by professional photographers who know how to shoot at creative angles to make space seem endless and full of possibility. They're gooood. My viewings go as follows: I show up with the beautiful image of a sunny, spacious dwelling in my head: The floor aglow with copious amounts of sunlight, the wood sparkling gaily underneath its warmth, the windows large and overpowering, exposing the greenery outside, the room large and welcoming. In reality, that glow is coming from a disgusting fluorescent light, the floor is dull and worn, the window is the size of my fist and the rooms the size of closets. "What did I do to deserve this," is all I can ask myself as the people showing me around the apartment flatly explain what everything is, "thank you, captain obvious. I think I could have gathered that a sink and a stove equals a kitchen." Oh and that's another thing! Where are the landlords finding these people to show their apartments?! Is it some kind of undergrad hotline? All of the people who have shown me apartments have been bearded men (the actual landlords), or people my age. I don't mind that my peers have taken a curious interest in real estate in the city, I do mind that professionalism may not be their forte. There was this one guy who was taking me around to different apartments when I was looking to move into a 3-bedroom. He was pretty decent, planned accordingly so as not to show me just one, single apartment. He was flexible and accommodating, but then, I called him again after my initial plans fell through, asking him to show me some 2-bedrooms- womp womp. We scheduled a meeting for 1 and to call him at 12 to confirm. So, the day rolls around and I'm feeling pretty lucky I didn't have to stare at my tiny iPhone screen to search for apartments myself.
I call him at 12 and he tells me he'll call me back in a few minutes. An hour goes by and I don't hear from him so I call him and he asks if we can push the appointment to 3. Fine. I get there and this guy doesn't have the keys to the apartment! And the other two on the list are occupied by people who obviously don't want some stranger traipsing through their home. What a mess. So I wasted an entire day of apartment hunting. Not to mention that while we were looking for my 3-bedroom after he finished showing me apartments we went to a bar. Very unprofessional, but totally awesome. He was such a nice guy, but a little flighty. Ah, well I think I may have FINALLY found a place, so I'm feeling a lot less stressed and angry with the world. We'll see how it goes, though won't we.

Gotta twerk today. Hope I don't get out too late.

I'm out.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life Is Like A Pinball Machine

I have been bouncing around Brooklyn like a crazed pin ball, smacking into ridiculous situations and hitting barriers, falling into the gutter- only to be resurrected once more, subject to the same inevitable beating. I've been lucky enough, though, to be surrounded by people who actually care about me and have helped me more than they possibly know. It has been a trying time these last few weeks and it's good to finally be able to breath again.

I'm out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I cannot be more proud of my friend Shane (Thorgy) who never ceases to blow my mind with his dedication to his craft and originality. He, along with my friend Davon, is auditioning for Rupaul's Drag Race season 3 as I wrote in an earlier entry. Here is Thorgy's audition tape for RDR 3!!!

Thorgy Audition Video for Rupauls Drag Race Season 3 from Thorgy on Vimeo.

Love it!!

I'm out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey, you're weird.

Alright guys and dolls. I have been meeting quite a few people while living here in the BK, and I must say either 1. A majority of them have been apprehensive to pursue friendships for whatever neurosis they have, 2. Have been incredibly awkward/said really offensive, off-putting things, or 3. HAVE BEEN PLAIN FREAKING WEIRD. Is it in the water? Am I going to catch this inexplicable weirdness, too? Gosh, I hope not. I was just speaking to a good friend of mine about how hard it is to make friends. At this point in our lives are we so set in our own ideals that we can't branch out and meet people who don't share our EXACT SAME interests?! What are we... 85?! I still love going out and meeting people, don't get me wrong, but now I'm not so easily distracted by the novelty of strangers. I am more wary of people I don't know because they are all POTENTIAL NUT JOBS! So, yeah.
I remember going out to Barcade one night and meeting this girl I thought was totally cool so I was like let's exchange numbers and hang out. BAD IDEA. Come to find out this crazy girl has some SERIOUS issues. Without prompt she brought up some kinky sexual preferences she had (she said she preferred guys "dicks" but loved "tits" and wished she could have both- I by no means was offended by her desires, but extremely shocked that she would tell a complete stranger this), laughing hysterically after.She kept bringing up the fact she was Irish and proceeded to tell a very racist joke, telling me not to be offended- the joke: What does a black kid get for their birthday: PUNCHLINE: Your bike. Really?! How incredibly stupid. Um. CRAZY. At another place, I was with my friend and his boyfriend and we were all talking, sitting at the bar, and this other guy comes up to us and starts to hit on my friend's boyfriend- knowing he's taken! Telling us his boyfriend and him are having troubles, spilling his relationship details to an audience he met 5 minutes prior. WTF CRAZIES?! Oi. I just don't understand the audacity of people to just say whatever they want without consideration for others.

Oh and dating. Uuuuhhh guuuuuhhhhh. Yup, I swore I'd never talk about it on my blog, but it has to be the most confusing, awkward social experience(?). It's funny because no matter how many people I ask for advice I get the same answers, "I don't know," "I have no idea," "I'm confused, too." No one can seem to crack the shell of this age old human interaction. What does it all mean? Why do we put ourselves through it, knowing the result- more confusion and frustration. I think I'm just not cut out to date. Hanging out with my friends is just so much less stressful and not potentially mortifying... well, sometimes. Also, I wish people would just be honest. None of these lame excuses- just say what you feel. We're all adults here, right? Geebus. I'm not talking about one experience bee tee dubbs, but my general (mis)understanding of dating.
Can we just be friends? So much less pressure. Hate it. I think I'm gonna be a recluse with 96794875934 cats and imaginary friends.

I need to get out of the city. I need some good ol' nature. Somebody take me camping.

pretty please?!

I'm out.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

THORGY ft. JADE At Bar 4

I have been so lucky to be around so many talented, driven people since I've come back to Brooklyn. My friends, who I could not be more proud of (unless I wanted to explode), have been constantly blowing my mind with their extraordinary capabilities and just downright amazing attitudes towards life, this thirst that it just so contagious!

Last Saturday night I had the great opportunity to watch 2 wonderful friends of mine, Shane and Davon perform. They gave bar 4 , in association with Queerspondence, a fantastic show! Both Thorgy (Shane) and Jade (Davon) are auditioning for next season's Rupaul's Drag Race and for this upcoming season Rupaul requires each contestant to perform her song "Don't Be Jealous of My Boogie." Here is Thorgy's performance at Bar 4 with Jade singing said song...

Video compliments of Davon.

My favorite part of the performance is near the end (4:56) INCREDIBLE!!

Check out Thorgy's fb fan page HERE
There's also an article about him in Overflow magazine with fantastic pictures of Shane in and out of drag.

And here is Jade's fb page HERE!

I am so proud of them. And I wish them the best of luck in the competition!!

I'm out.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mmmm Feelings

I'm not sure why for the past few days I have been having trouble figuring out exactly what to put in my blog. I realize there's no right or wrong entry, but to immediately delve into my feelings at this point in my blog would be a little strange, no? YES. There have been many observations I've been meaning to share, but feel either too lazy to put into concise language what those observations are or feel self-conscious/conceited even considering disclosing my thoughts as if they're so important. However, the whole idea of blogging is pretty self-indulgent, therefore my feelings seem silly. I have been writing about my experiences for years in various forms, but recently I dunno. It all seems so trite. What a horrible thing to say. I love writing. I love writing about my feelings. I love that I can share my writing with my friends in a forum such as this, but there's something gnawing at the back of my mind. I think it's the idea of "showcasing" my writing. It feels like this selfish, one-dimensional, inane act, but it's also a wonderfully freeing and honest expression. Oh boy. I'm writing about writing again. It's just been on my mind for a while. I saw this movie about Bukowski and the flood gates broke and my need to put my experiences into words became like life or death. How dramatic haha, okay maybe not life or death, but a burning necessity. Okay. I think I've filled my emotionally draining blog post quota for this month (I'm not making any promises that I will not exceed said quota- I'm just acknowledging the emotional nature of the post).

Wow. That was really personal. Not sure if I'll ever do it again.

It looks like I did what I said I wouldn't do. What else is new... story of my life yadda yadda...

I'm out.