Thursday, November 8, 2012

OBAMA WON Y'ALL + Apocalyptic Events


Dare I say it? Our country just might be changing for the better with the re-election of Barack Obama and a notably healthy turn in a more liberal, all-inclusive direction away from the formerly oppressive, damaging, nauseatingly repudiating, delusional ideals that were spreading like wild-fire among conservatives.
It was like a sickness, an illness by the name of the Tea Party- an openly bigoted chapter of republicans who got their rocks off by spewing hate and just plain falsities. I'm still in shock that they even existed (exist?). Anyway, this election was not just a battle of rights vs. wrongs, it was a battle between two warring factions in this country that have been at odds for a very, very long time- people who desire positive change vs. crazy people. The idea that this country can actually change for the better has been a reality that has eluded me due to the incomprehensible ignorance I was sure had taken over the 50 states, much like the zombie apocalypse. I imagined there were only a few people left who believed in equal rights, climate change, universal healthcare, and Anderson Cooper's amazing silvery hair. However, this election has given me that ridiculously overused sentiment- hope. This country has been a historically disappointing amalgamation of violent events, and countless fatal blunders, but seems to finally be getting its shit together. As a country, we re-elected a man who might actually have this country's best interests in mind. GASP. Even typing that feels weird. It's a good thing he was re-elected, too considering the apocalyptic events of the past two weeks. The weather has undoubtedly been going cray cray and now maybe we can freaking talk about it without this mindless,confusing backlash from "authorities" who refuse to believe facts and reality. Also, starting to believe 2012 might be real... jk jk.

Let's make this happen girl (America). Also, I want to marry Rachel Maddow, but then again, who doesn't?

I'm out.

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