Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It Has Come to My Attention...

That the number of unhealthy foods circulating the internet is growing. At first, I didn't mind it. The tumblrs dedicated to bacon everything, glorifying everything fried, they were comforts- a false sense of security, but then this happened and everything I'd ever known about junk food imploded and all that was left was a cheesy-like residue and the smell of MSG. However, I pride myself in being an adventure-taker when it comes to consuming questionable food items. After all, if eating Kennedy Fried Chicken for years hasn't given me a brain tumor, diabetes, or killed me I think I'm pretty safe.

Since we're talking about food, how about we get into people who are deathly terrified of it. No, not your usual run of the mill sitophobic, I mean super models. Or just models. I dunno if I know the difference... or care. The phrase super model always makes me think of a crime-fighting fashionista. So, yet again a model has crossed the boundary when discussing food, well, weight. OK OK I'm talking about Natalia Vodianova, who said "It’s better to be skinny," and the numerous other fashion celebrities who have been ceaselessly instilling this horrible thought that being skinny is better, making countless women around the world team with unnecessary insecurity. Women come in different shapes and sizes, they're all beautiful. Granted, weight can affect your health and when that's the case, being skinny should never be the goal, Being healthy should be your destination. Anyway, back to how beautiful women are...ha, but seriously. With all this negative energy in the air these days no one needs to be thinking of that. So, I bid you adieu with my insubstantial little request to stay positive. Everything's going to be alright! :)


I'm out.

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