Tuesday, April 3, 2012

WTF Internet?! Wait, you're cool.


The internet I have discovered not too recently is a terrifying place. In its far recesses lurks unspeakable, strange depraved things. I remember one evening I was hanging out with Fred and one of his friends and midst our hapless clicking on Youtube unearthed a disturbing amount of unsightly videos for the likes of serial killers and Santorum supporters.
Luckily before delving down that road of no return where you can't tell your brain to un-watch that tentacle video.*shivers* No, we excitedly closed Youtube with the quickness and moved on, discussing the incident infrequently afterwards so as not to trigger flashbacks. Actually haven't spoken of the happening since that day. Insanity. Anyway, the reason I've decided to wax on about the scary shit on the internet is because there's also some really great stuff out there that is genuinely interesting and inventive. It always makes me smile when I see some meme being well executed or amazing fake products you're secretly glad aren't real.

Here are my top 5:

1. For April Fool's Day, ThinkGeek (via Geekoogie) had an array of amazing fake things including this awesome commercial with Darth Vader in it.

2. Keyboard Cat. Don't remember keyboard cat?! Yeah, it's still hilarious and now there's a toy to accompany the shenanigans:

Yes, you did just watch 30 seconds of that. It's ok, a lot of people did. Gotta love Buzzfeed. There's always such weird crazy stuff on there.

3. This hair. Need I say more?
Boingboing, you slay me.

4. Mario Art. I'm a sucker for anything Nintendo, so when I saw this I almost yelled for joy... in my office. Not cool, or really cool? You're right. Def not.
This one in particular is done by whoever this is. More importantly, there's more Mario & Luigi art here.

5. This guy, Christian Tagliavini's photography and yeah, those clothes? MADE OF CARDBOARD. Ouchies.

In conclusion, the internet can be horrifying, but as long as you navigate it carefully, avoiding all the creepy, freaky stuff (or looking for it if you're into that... no judgment here y'all), and just be safe. Seriously people, those Facebook scams are starting to get ridiculous. No, a free pair of Toms is not in your future, nor is a $20 plane ticket to the Bahamas. If it seems to good to be true, don't fight it friends, it is.

You know you want it. You're right, right said fred, it does hurt.

I'm out.

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