Monday, April 30, 2012

Miming For Your Life

This makes me all kinds of
This weekend I had the pleasure of being a performer at a party, no I was not a stripper, although there were burlesque dancers there (NOT THE SAME THING I KNOW, CALM DOWN). They were great. Anyway, I was a mime. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures proving my mime-sanity. When I get them I will post them and your mime will be blown. Ugh, thanks to all my friends for those ridiculous puns that I can now NEVER unlearn. The party was weird, made me think of class which is always depressing and sad. First of all, the performers were treated almost like second class citizens, eating scraps in the basement of this beautiful historical building. Granted those scraps were catered. Throughout my miming stint all I could think was, what the hell am I doing here? I'm not a frekkin performer! At some point in my adolescence, sure, I had dreams of grandeur. I would be the next Meryl Streep or Don Cheadle- wrong. Instead I'm a cynical twenty-something aching for justice and equality for all. Ha, did I mention my cynicism? No, I'm not that cynical, but that party really did rub me the wrong way. The one thing I really enjoyed was meeting other artists. There was this crazy passion in everyone there, and if not passion, palpable ingenuity. In all seriousness I thought the whole event was going to be torture, surrounded by conceited, attention-seeking obnoxious people both in the dressing room and on the party floor, but that was not the case. They were awesome. It's so refreshing meeting interesting, friendly people from Brooklyn because let's face it. It gets rough out there when you want to meet people. Not everyone is so inviting. Though, I can understand why. It's just easier to sustain a core group of friends rather than attempt additions that can be potentially cray cray, but that's a chance some are willing to take and I appreciate that, too. Anywho, I'm rambling.

Tomorrow is May Day for all of you who have not been paying attention to Internet banter (word vomit). I'm particularly excited to stand with my fellow peers, nay, fellow Americans to protest... well, ya know, Occupy Stuff. Though, I must say my patience has been slowly dwindling considering not one thing has changed since the culmination of ideas into this movement to better things. I'm hoping my cynicism does not come off as hopelessness. I'm far beyond that. Oh I'm kidding (on the most part).


 Oh, Zedd... and Skrillex... 

 I'm out.

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