Thursday, March 22, 2012

Innocence Stolen

This recent shooting of the innocent and incredibly young Trayvon Martin has opened up so many doors of discussion and unearthed many things that have been percolating under years and years of silence. One of my favorite things to emerge from these devastatingly real unfair, shameful, absurd murderous events, in this case race is discussed in terms of the Kony video that was posted on every facebook wall from Beijing to Sacramento is this piece by Teju Cole, who pointedly puts everything I've been thinking about race, about injustice and about the general mentality that's been scarily spreading like rapid-fire. And this guy put all of that in a beautifully written, comprehensible article for The Atlantic. It says all the things no one wants to admit and forces Americans to really come to terms with history and the present. I can't emphasize the importance of this article enough, and cannot be happier it was written.

I'm out.

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